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Manufacturing unit at Ghaziabad (ISO 9001:2008 Certified Unit)

The Ghaziabad unit established in 1981, spans a total area of 20488.29 sq. mtrs and a covered area of 8725 sq. mtrs. (GF) and 6171 sq. mtrs. (FF) respectively.

Special solutions like amino acid intravenous infusion were introduced in the year 1987 in collaboration with Morishita Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a sister concern of world famous Ajino Moto Co., Inc., Japan:

Available as :



Alamin SN-200ml


Alamin SE-200ml


We have aseptic manufacturing facilities with environmental controls pertaining to international standards with Class 100 and Class 10000 areas.
Soft gelatin capsules, with nutritional products of Vitamins and Haematinics are manufactured in a separate area.

Opthalmic products like Sioflur, Sioplex, Siogat, Siomox, Siotears etc.

The company introduced intravenous fluid section inn glass bottles and polythene containers from 1981 and 1985 onwards. For the first time in India in 1985, intravenous fluids in polyethylene container were introduced with Rommelag bottle pack machine model BP 302.

Intravenous fluids manufactured by us are :


Common Intravenous solutions: D5%, D10%, DNS, NS, Ringer Lactate, Multielectrolytes, Mannitol 20%

Ciprofloxacin I.V., Levoflocacin I.V, Fluconazole I.V.

Metronidazole I.V. Currently we have 3 Rommelag bottle pack machines (BP360 I & II and BP321) and one machine from Weiler USA for filling of Small Volume Parenterals

In our SVP plant we produce Water for Injection from multi column distillation units supplied by M/s Pharmalab, India and Stilmas, Italy.


Different types of hard gelatin capsules are manufactured like :


Multivitamin capsules

Ciprofloxacin I.V., Levoflocacin I.V, Fluconazole I.V.

Timed release capsules of Ferrous Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate with Folic Acid in Pellets

Amino Acids with vitamins in pellets

Antiulcerative drugs like Siozole (Omeprazole Capsules) in Enteric coated form





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