About Us

Who we are

Albert David Limited (ADL), a prominent drug house, distinguished in the field of manufacturing Pharmaceutical Formulations, Infusion Solutions, Herbal Dosage Forms, Bulk Drugs and Disposable Syringes & Needles has its base in Kolkata, India. The company belongs to a renowned industrial house of Kolkata, the “Kothari Group, India”. Equipped with cutting edge research and development standard and scientific skill, the best brains work here to develop new products for the demanding marketplace worldwide.

Albert David has pioneered the practices of so many modern techniques in many of its research work and implemented innovative ideas. Innovation is a culture here and governs every strategies of the company. We have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in three different parts of the country. The Kolkata manufacturing units is a WHO GMP approved unit and Small Volume Parental suite compliant to USFDA cGMP requirements. Another unit is located at Gaziabad, New Delhi. This unit is ISO 9001:2008 certified plant. The third unit is located at Mandideep, near Bhopal. This unit has the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products under WHO – GMP Certification Scheme with unique distinction of achieving and acquiring quality accreditation of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and CE Certification through DNV NORWAY.

Albert David’s core strength lies in its vibrant team of 1500 plus employees and its continuous effort to bring out the best and become the best. The Sales turnover was close to 60 million USD (INR 230 Crores) in the year ended 31st March 2012. With an extensive network of 1600 plus Stockists in various parts of the country, we are able to make our products available in each and every corner of the country. ADL also has significant presence in South East Asia, Africa, countries of Middle–East, Europe, USA and Latin America, covering almost 35 countries.

A pioneer product Sodium Stibogluconate which is used to treat leishmaniasis has been manufactured by Albert David Ltd, Calcutta, and is sold under the name Sodium Antimony Gluconate and distributed worldwide through IDA Amesterdam.

Another breakthrough product is ‘Placentrex’ derived from the extract of fresh term healthy human placenta. The Company has come a long way and identified the nucleotides and peptides responsible for anti-inflammatory, wound healing and tissue regenerative property.

The Company is in strategic liaison with academic institutes like Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR) & Department of Biotechnology, Calcutta University for outsourcing of research.

Our Values

  • EXCELLENCE : We deliver excellence in our products, partnership and exuberate excellence in everything we do
  • INTEGRITY : We possess and adhere to high moral principles, professional ethics and confidentiality
  • DEDICATION : We have extremely dedicated work force contributing endlessly to the growth of the company.

Our Team

  • Mr. A. K. Kothari - Chairman & Managing Director
  • Mr. H.P. Kabra - Executive Director
  • Mr. Hemal Kampani
  • Mr. Rajiv Singhi
  • Smt. Prabhawati Devi Kothari
  • Dr. Amal Kumar Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Karunamay Lahiri
  • Mr. Arindam Sarkar

Audit Committee
  • Mr. Rajiv Singhi - Chairman
  • Mr. A. K. Kothari
  • Mr. Hemal Kampani
  • Dr. K. Lahiri
Stakeholders’ Relationship / Grievance Committee
  • Mr. Hemal Kampani - Chairman
  • Mr. A. K. Kothari
  • Mrs. P. D. Kothari
  • Mr. H.P. Kabra
Nomination & Remuneration Committee
  • Mr. Rajiv Singhi - Chairman
  • Mr. A. K. Kothari
  • Mrs. P. D. Kothari
  • Mr. Hemal Kampani
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  • Mr. A. K. Kothari - Chairman
  • Mr. H.P.Kabra
  • Dr. K. Lahiri

  • Mr. Tarminder Singh Parmar - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Manish Sharma - President (Sales and Marketing)
  • Mr. S. C. Shah - Vice President (Finance)
  • Dr. D. P. Ghosh - Corporate Head-Tech. & Scientific Development
  • Dr. M. K. Maheshwari - Vice President (Personnel & Legal Affairs)
  • Dr. I. Dhar - Associate Vice President (Accounts & Tax) cum Company Secretary
  • Dr. S. Bandyopadyay - Senior Medical Advisor

  • Mr. P. K. Jain - Vice President (Works)
  • Dr. G. P. Srivastava - Vice President (Technical)
  • Mr. T. Neogi - Associate Vice President (Quality Assurance)
  • Mr. R. K. Mundhra - General Manager (Commercial)

  • Mr. M. K. Rathi - Vice President (Works)
  • Mr. D. Chitlangia - Associate Vice President (Commercial)
  • Mr. S. R. Kulkarni - Associate Vice President (Outsourcing)

  • Mr. V. K. Chaudhary - General Manager (Technical)

Fax - +91(033) 2225-8714; 2212-9629
E-Mail - adidavid@dataone.in, adidavid@cal.vsnl.net.in, adlho@adlindia.in